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A Grand Language Holiday in the Irish Capital

Visiting Dublin was really great! Before our trip, I was slightly nervous about going abroad and attending classes at a language school. Now that I look back at my stay in Ireland, I can simply say that I had a

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I think therefore I am, I am therefore I blog!

If Cool spoke, it would speak English It’s a funny one, English – you have to learn it at school but it’s different to other subjects, it’s cooler and seems to be immediately applicable in the real world. This is

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Easter bunnies, eggs and iguanas!

How do you celebrate Easter? Spring-time, when new life begins after the long winter is celebrated all over the world. In Ireland, like most Christian countries, Easter marks this new beginning. Although this year it seems a lot more like

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Have a great St. Patrick’s Day from all at the Dublin School of English

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Schools & Agents Article

Check out how DSE is working with Sonett and the EU to integrate social media into the classroom. We have been using Google Hangouts as a platform. Read all about it here. Click here if you want to learn more

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Hello Germany!

Bildungsurlaub Logo Print

Why not do one of our approved courses for a period of up to a maximum of two weeks every two years. Improve your English, stay in a host family, attend our social programme of tours and visit and still get your

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Facebook Competition

Meet Emili from Serbia, winner of our competition.  She will be coming to study for free with us for 2 weeks in 2013 – she’ll also enjoy free accommodation! Looking forward to welcoming her. She’ll be blogging about here experience,

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2012 Marketing English in Ireland Workshop, Galway

Agents from around the world and Irish English language schools met at the 16th annual Marketing English in Ireland workshop in Galway 23 October. Ciara Crossen attended this Workshop – pictured here with DSE Mascot – Peader the Parrot. Watch

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Watch DSE Experience Video

Check out this video to get a taste of life in Dublin School of English, where student life is GOOD! Just CLICK Peadar The Parrot below. DSE – where you’ll get: The Biggest Tourist & Cultural Program Ireland – over

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Easter in Ireland

  Easter is upon us once again.  So what happens at Easter in Ireland?  Well, for a start all pubs are closed on Good Friday; the only other day apart from Christmas when you can’t enjoy a pint of Guinness. 

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Dmitry Fanasiutin Russia testimonialDmitry from Russia

I had the most unforgettable memories from my trip to Ireland and I have fallen in love with this beautiful country.  My mind has been blown away by the amazing views of green landscapes, fresh air and the power of the waves and wind at the Cliffs of Moher. I felt as if I was standing at the end of world. I had the most amazing time in Dublin School of English and I hope to return there again…

Executive English learningThierry from France
35 years of love with DSE. In 1977, I was 20 and I came with my father for 15 days at DSE for a 7 hours-a-day ONE-to-TWO course. What an experience, what a souvenir. Of course I hugely improved my English but I was speaking with my Father, and all day long (first time in my life) at the point of arriving at the French airport, we were still speaking together and in English. While I needed to “relearn” my English, I discovered with a lot of happiness DSE still exists. I’ve just spent 15 days in DUBLIN again for a 7 hours-a-day intensive course, and it was as good as it was 35 years ago. Thank you Conor and Neilan for teaching me so much, so quickly and in such a friendly way, mornings and afternoons. Thank you Paul for advising me so clearly. And thank you Sara for this so good reception. I’ve just decided I’ll be back next year, but at advanced level.

elizabethElizabeth from Austria
It's not only our students that your lovely staff have turned into Irish fans, we teachers can't wait to visit again next year.