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Dublin in September

Dublin is going to be great this September, with the Dublin Fringe Festival, Arthur’s Day, Oktoberfest, Culture night and The Hard Working Class Heroes music festival all in the city centre before the month ends.  Don’t forget the All Ireland final on the 22nd.  Come on the Dubs!

Kicking off this weekend and running for most of the month, The Fringe festival is a great look at modern Irish theatre. This annual celebration of the arts is focused on the new and innovative and you can find something for all tastes or just enjoy something unusual. Check out  some of the best shows in town.


Arthur's day

Arthur’s day from

Arthur’s Day is an annual birthday bash for the founder of Dublin’s most famous brewery, some say a marketing ploy, others say a tongue-in-cheek reason to party. Whichever way you look at it, Guinness put on a good show. There will be some great bands playing in pubs across the city from early afternoon and an obligatory ‘To Arthur’ at 17.59.


And don’t forget Oktoberfest This one is sponsored by Erdinger, a mass market beer from Germany, but it’s always a good day out with lots of bratwursts to go round.

There’s also The Irish Craft Beer & Cider Festival with over 100 beers on show, this is the one for the connoisseur. Experience Irish beers (other than Guinness) and make something special your favourite Irish brew.

culture night

Culture night from


Now back to something a bit more ‘high brow’. The OPW, (they run all the state owned museums and things) are having a culture night. All of the museums will be open until 11pm on the 20th. There’ll also be a performance by the RTE concert orchestra in Temple Bar and even a few performances on buses and trams around the city.  This one is a great family event with a myriad of events to entertain.

For the Rocker we have the Hard Working Class Heroes.  A 3 day city centre music festival with break out bands playing in some of the city’s best little venues, Not only is the music great, the atmosphere is electric and you might just discover the next big thing.


Croke Park

Croke Park from

Do I need to mention the match? I don’t think you can hide from Dublin taking on Mayo in the All Ireland final. This is the best the GAA have to offer, you’ll see a uniquely Irish game in it traditional home. If you can’t get tickets, (you can’t) go to a pub on Dorset Street or near Croke Park for the experience of a lifetime and remember to wear your two shades of blue.


With a smashing array of activities happening it’s going to be a great month, lets just hope the weather stays with us and I don’t want to hear of anyone being bored. If you need more information, ASK.


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